Sent: Saturday, June 03, 2006 10:06 PM
Subject: Mystery at Marc-Seignobos school

France, Chabeuil,  Marc-Seignobos school:  
On the 1st of June, firefighters arrived to evacuate  800 pupils from the classes. More than 50 pupils complained on headaches, stomach pains, vision problems. Other 17 were taken to hospital to go through medical examinations
and were released to their homes on the same day.  The police came and also the mayor  - and reassured the worried parents that  everything was OK.  In two letters that  were sent to the parents and to the teachers, the principal informed that the examinations of  water and air were "negative", and that the bad feeling of the pupils "had no character of gravity".
The principal also asked the teachesr to dedicate several minutes in order to "de-dramatize" the situation and
added that it seemed that "the phenomenon had psycholoigical origines".  
"I didn't see the concerned pupils and so it's difficult to confirm but it's true that the reactions of
collective fear, which were not correctly valued for long time, exist. It's possible to help a series of brutal and short anxiety attacks.  The symptoms- migranes, spams, lost of consciousness...correspond to what was described to me about these students" explains Dr, Patricia Chevalier, a psychiatrist of children.
Next-up organization arrvied at the school and found that the school  is exactly in the axis of the radiation beam from the cellular base station placed 200 meters from the school. Next-up made measurements in the school and found that on the same floor and in the rooms of the classes where the complaints came from -  the electromagnetic fields were 1.1- 1.4 V/m.  Next- Up representative reports, that the most difficult thing is to get information about the investigations of the health authorities and the police. Next-up is going to demand with the parents that investigations will be done about the base station of Orange until they know wether there had been or not  modifications of radiation emited on the 31/5/2006 .
For example, wether the companies had done experiements with UMTS at  the same time.  
In the first floor, the point where there was maximum radiation, was exactly in the same rooms of classes where the pupils complained about the most of the symptoms. Next up and the parents of the pupils of Seignobos
school,  think that the collective psychological explanation is impossible.   According to the data arrived to Next up, only pupils on the same floor (of the radiation beam) had symptoms (the staff on the ground floor had no symptoms). Around 300 pupils are on the same floor, many complained "suddenly" on headaches. There was a total of 
 93 faints according to Next-up. They are going to follow up this subject which is going to be reoprted this week also in the national news and add that "it is not food poisoning, not gas, not the ground, not collective psychology of a serious accident, not the sun etc..."
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Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2006 3:31 AM
Subject: FW: [Masts] FW: French school

Dear All
This is possibly something new.
53 children were suddenly taken ill in a school with violent headaches, sickness and eye problems.
The school was evacuated.
A phone mast expert measured the radiation in the school the next day and found it was in the main beam from a mast. However the levels being about 1v/m couldn't produce such a violent reaction (although these levels are way too high in terms of long term effects) so as far as I understand he
is postulating that the power must have been turned up suddenly towards 10 v/m which would produce these violent effects.
They have asked why this happened and if Orange can redirect the beam away from the school.
Note that all these levels are still way below 'guidelines'!
I have often wondered if there is a 'safety' mechanism on the antennae whereby they cannot 'accidently' be turned up above a certain point and if so what that point is?
If true that in this case the radiation levels were increased the only 3 reason I can think of are
a - a mistake
b - on purpose to see what the effects would be
c - to obtain more coverage? (is this possible?)
What does this mean for all our existing masts?