- Rémy Prud'homme
Low-energy bulbs: a not-so-bright idea

A simple calculation shows that changing bulbs will cause the annual total of CO² emissions to double, passing from 3 million tonnes with filament bulbs to more than
6 million tonnes with low-energy bulbs. Reducing purchasing power by
7 billion euros today in order to emit twice as much CO²?!


"To sum up, low-energy bulbs are what the English call a half-baked idea. Like biofuels. Like wind farms. Like the bonus-malus car insurance system. Like many of the measures resulting from
the Environment Round Table meeting,
which have been dictated by passion rather than serious thought.."





"The champion of EMF environmental pollution"
Jean-Louis Borloo, the French Minister of Ecology!

1st Record :

radiation level 192,3 V/m: "Great" !!

Minister, as you know there is but one truth …
in which case we would be glad to have your opinion on who is closer to the truth:
Jean-Louis Borloo or Next-up Organisation?

Minister, have you had a look at this – a click is all it takes (video report in French):
it's never too late to find out the facts and to promote and adopt the right solution!



"SERIOUS concerns were raised yesterday about the toxic effects of energy-saving lightbulbs.
But the green measure could backfire and end up harming the environment.
Dr Robert Sarkany, consultant dermatologist at King's College London, said: “Reactions to fluorescent lights are not well understood. But I am seeing regular handfuls of patients who are complaining of skin allergies when exposed to them,
as are my colleagues. Common symptoms are severe stinging, burning and
itching of the skin, along with a red rash. We don’t understand these symptoms well yet, but they do exist. I think it would be perfectly reasonable for people
who suffer these very serious problems to still have access to traditional bulbs.”










Jacques Gorini of the Grenoble Action Group, Pierre Le Ruz of Criirem and 
Serge Sargentini of Next-up Organisation - Grenoble France


Pierre Le Ruz and Serge Sargentini comparing HF measurements
Grenoble France


Environmentally friendly light bulbs
‘can give you skin cancer’













Emits ultra highfrequency
microwave radiation

Conversion chart





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