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by François-Noël Buffet, Senator and Mayor of Oullins (Lyon-Rhône-France)

Relay antennas: maximum radiation level 0.6 V/m
and interdiction of any beam less than 100m from public buildings such as schools and crèches






- PRESS RELEASE March 12, 2009

A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard
for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF)

" International Scientists Find Harmful Effects
from Wireless Technologies and
Urge New Safety Rules for Cell Phones."..





BioInitiative/EEA - Video Report (click)


Interview Cindy Sage BioInitiative
Video Report (click)



Interphone/SAR - video HD (click)




Press : Radiation risk from everyday devices assessed

EU calls for urgent action on WiFi radiation

L’Union Européenne appelle pour
une action urgente sur les rayonnements du WiFi

Union Europea llama a actuar
sobre las radiaciones del Wi-Fi.

De Europese Unie roept op om een
dringende reactie voor stralingen van WiFi.


More bad news on the dangers of using cellphones.

(in progress / en cours)

Malas noticias sobre los peligros del uso de móviles


University of Albany New York :
PRESS Release

Université d'Albany New York :
Communiqué de PRESSE

Università di Albany New York
Comunicato Stampa

Extractos Agencia Europea De Medio Ambiante EEA
y BioIniciativa Report

(English version) Health : Alarm signal for WiFi
Bio Initiative, Interview Emilie van Deventer WHO, Testimony

Santé : Les signaux d’alerte du réseau sans fil.
Bio Initiative, Interview Emilie van Deventer OMS, Temoignage

(V. Italiana) Salute : I segnali d'allarme della rete senza filo.
Bio Initiative, Interview Emilie van Deventer OMS, Temoignage

(in progress)